Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animating Touch, v. 0.1

Animating Touch is a simple animation editor that allows you to create short toons. Creative work in Animating Touch is quite easy. First, you don't need to draw every frame to get smooth motions. Instead of this, you create keyframes only and intermediate frames are built automatically. Second, skeletal animation is used here. It means every object consist of a number of connected "bones", which can be dragged.
Here are some ideas how you can use it:
  •  Drawing quick drafts of short stories or comics
  •  Creating hand-made greeting cards with your custom story
  •  Using as an animation training aid or a toy for children. It can be a good tool for little filmmakers
  •  Just for fun

    Below is the current list of features
    •  Three built-in models
    •  Two editing modes. You can edit nodes as well as rotate and drag whole objects
    •  Speech bubbles
    •  Displaying a skeleton of the previous frame to help you create keyframes more accurately.
    •  Undo
    •  Zoom/unzoom
    •  Save/load
    •  Adjustable speed of animation
    •  Choosing colors of skeletons and background
    Also for each object on a scene you can call a context menu through double click and perform various actions like deleting and editing properties.

    So far it's an alpha-version so there still can be bugs and many important features are missed.
    In future versions you will find exporting video, adding audio, backgrounds and many others.  

    Stay tuned.


    sergio said...

    Podrias sacar una version de este programa para ios, que parece se bastante bueno pero no tengo ningun dispositivo android.
    Por eso me pregunto:
    ¿habra una version para ios?

    Anonymous said...

    Hi I love your apps and I like to be on Windows phone 8.1 and make fun with him

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